Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wings - By Aprilynne Pike

Welcome to the carefree life of Laurel. Well it was carefree, until one morning she discovers a flower bloomed in the middle of her back.  Laurel learns she is part of a species of highly evolved plants. She is a faerie.  The gate to the faerie world is located on the land Laurel will inherit.  Unfortunately, the faeries are not the only species looking to control this gate.  Trolls will stop at nothing to get to the hidden gate.

Laurel meets David, a friendly guy who looks like a jock, but is a biology geek at heart; she also meets Tamani, the faerie who dyed his eyes and the roots of his hair green by eating river moss.  Laurel herself is not as interesting. She is the stereotype of a pretty fifteen-year-old, loathes everything about school except for the people and parties, gets frustrated when she can’t get something right, and doesn’t get the best grades.  She manages the challenges with grace and courage, while also protecting her parents.

I had difficulty putting the book down and I read it for five hours until I finished it.  Aprilynne Pike did a marvelous job developing her plot line.  Pike took the legends about faeries and changed them, creating her own species.  She wrote a modern faerie tale, complete with magical powers and mystical potions.  I recommend the rest of the series, but Wings was my favorite.  

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