Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Every Day - By Mark Frost

Ever heard of a person who wakes up in a different body every day, who does not know how they got to be that way or why?  That’s the life that A lives in Frost’s book, Every Day. But how can one really call that a life? A realizes what he/she is missing when he/she meets Rhiannon.  Inhabiting the body of Rhiannon’s neglecting crack-headed boyfriend, A gets to know her, and falls in love.  But is it possible?  A must find out his/her destiny, whether there are others with the same power and why.  That’s A’s journey.  To find the answer to the ultimate question.  Why?

Reading the back of this book, I was hooked.  I was curious.  Was the person a guy or a girl? Did it matter?  

I liked the beginning of this book.  It started off in a normal day in A’s life, and you learn what happened to A.  I liked reading how A coped with varied characters every day, what he did to change the individual’s life, for the better, like stopping a girl from committing suicide, or worse, like leaving Nathan stranded on the side of a road with no idea how he got there.  A let me see into and experience the lives of all different types of people.

The middle drags.  A wrote about his/her visits with Rhiannon, and they were much of the same thing, with Frost occasionally adding an interesting character.  

I cried at the end.  A’s choice left me melancholy and had me thinking of all the happy times I’ve had with loved ones, trying to remember details. Frost made me reflect on the choices I’ve made and the impact they had.

This book opened my mind and gave me a lot to think about.  I found how much one man’s life could be changed in such a short period of time.  I learned how precious the time we are given is, and the real definition of devotion and compassion through A’s journey.  And I discovered the meaning of love is not only to know you love someone, it’s doing something for them no matter how much it hurts.